What we do.

Hello and welcome to our website. Here at ConnectSounds we provide a complete online music production service for solo artists and singers-songwriters.

Are you looking for friendly professional advice, improve the musicality of your songs and expand your audience?

Then you have come to the right place! we have a skilled and experienced team that will make your song sound better and likeable.

We help artists get noticed and have more chances to be succesful. Whether you are just starting up or you are a seasoned artist we are confident that we have the tools, skills and experience to help you succeed.

Benefits of producing your music online with us…

Great Value - We truly embrace this new digital era, because we produce music digitally and remotely we don’t need to run expensive studios, that means amazing sound quality for much less.

We’re here to help - We have a friendly team that cares about your music and career and since we love what we do we are always willing to walk that extra mile to meet your expectations.

We have the knowledge - Our team have vast experience making music across different genres. Did you listen to our demos but none sound close to what you had in mind? A Pop ballad perhaps? Not a problem!, just get in touch and let us know…

Guaranteed results - We have a hefty record of satisfied singers and songwriters, please visit our Testimonials section to see what they say!
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Some of the tracks we have produced that people love.

Success stories.

"What a fabulous job you guys did, so much attention to details and care to make my song sounding special, I don’t have words to thank you all for your hard work!"

Jude Abbingh

"So glad that I found such a professional and helping team. Very impressed with the ability they had to connect with my music. They are the most talented musicians I have ever work with."

Arleen Irma Rodgers

"I'm amazed how suddenly my fan base is growing after releasing my last single that all of you produced with such dedication. I wish someday you become a recognised name in the music industry, you all do deserve it."

Henry Turnbull

"At the beginning I was a bit unsure of what to expect however communication was great and David was always available to help. It’s wonderful how intimate and warm my singing feels now, I’m loving it and my fans too."

Abigaíl Espino

"I travel a lot and meet lots of people and even so it is quite hard to find a Producer that understand my music or is able to take it in the right direction. With connectsounds that was not the case, they were able to come up with ideas that nicely match the melody and lyrics of my songs, also they are very nice to deal with!"

Alister McConnell

Step by step.

Producing your song online with us is both convenient and straightforward. Here we will explain a few important things to get you started.
We will need a rough demo of your song, you can send us home recordings in formats such as mp3, soundcloud links, etc.
We will review your song and will discuss with you ideas that could suit your style, you can also let us know which artists inspired you, styles you're into, etc.
We will give you a quote and once you give us the go ahead we will start working on your song and will keep you updated with audio samples, you will be able to request amends at any point.
Final master will be delivered in the format you choose.

Not only we are proud of our great service, on top we have unbeatable rates starting from as low as $249 per song. No upfront fees!

Our team.

We are a small passionate group of talented musicians from around the world. ConnectSounds is formed by:

David A. Crovetto: Head Producer and Mix Engineer. Arron Haven Huddleson: Guitars, Piano and Percussions. Loris Busto: Drums and Analog drums Programming. Yngve Bergfalk: Keys, Strings Arrangements and Editing.

Are you a Producer and would like to join our team? Send us your demo to